Studio 5_Dark Matter_The Beauty of Black Skin III

Christopher Arran



Christopher Arran is an illustrator, animator, and Senior Lecturer of Fashion Communication at Brighton University with over 15 years experience as a successful commercial illustrator. His digital collage work is the latest evolution in an illustrious artistic career, which began with Chris creating 3D artwork for clients including MTV, Swatch and Cosmopolitan, moving into digital painting, and now embracing an innovative new technical approach.  

Chris creates animated collages that are fizzing and sparkling with style, blending live action footage with animation, 3D illustration, and sharp editing, offering both animation and still imagery integrated with AR. They are driven by the universal energy that connects us all, exuding positivity and giving a voice to inclusivity and diversity. 

Chris’ art is defined by his curiosity, exploring a variety of ideas including the beauty of black skin, the celebration of age, and questions about sustainability and ways to live in a more vibrant world.


Christopher Arran