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Harriet Noble



Harriet Noble’s illustrative practice is rooted in her love of tangible craft, and the childhood connection with constructing stories out of cardboard and paper. She still occasionally uses traditional methods, but has evolved her practice to execute her signature style through digital techniques. Harriet’s key interests of women’s health, biology, sexual health and science play a large role in what inspires her work and the direction she most loves to explore. Her characters, with their fluidly expressive shapes, are accessible and playful, lending humour, warmth and energy to often sensitive or serious subject matter. There is a joyful sense of movement in her work as she explores these interpersonal situations and societal issues, with her focus always on delivering a message or concept. Clients include Hewlett Packard, Havas, Lady Garden Foundation, New Scientist, The Observer Magazine, Coca Cola, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Guardian, Boots, Smiley, Stylist, Creative Review and Cadbury.


Harriet Noble