Studio 5_Lucy Schmidt_Pink Peonies

Lucy Schmidt



Originally from the UK, Lucy Schmidt now lives and works in Berlin as a photoreal illustrator, mural artist and ceramicist. Her illustrations are typified by her ability to portray beauty and drama even in familiar objects, quiet moments and everyday scenes. She finds much of her inspiration in botanicals, the play of light and shadow, and arresting colour palettes. 

Having trained formally in fine art practices, Lucy now creates her artwork both digitally and traditionally. No matter the medium, her work retains her clean, highly-polished finish. Her style ranges from refined pencil drawings highlighted with minimal, bold splashes of colour, to full, richly-coloured paintings. This makes her perfectly suited to projects requiring a luxurious and refined artistic touch, with her portfolio spanning architectural drawing, product and packaging illustration, figurative illustrations, portraits and likenesses, artwork for ethical and lifestyle brands, and food, drink and travel illustration. 


Lucy Schmidt